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Homicide Detective, June Hersher, was simply too tired to resist her families pressure for her to go on a ‘vacation.’ The truth was, they needed a vacation from her.

She didn’t want to go to some island no one had heard of in the distant Caribbean, arriving to find herself falling in to a world of pirates, shuttle drivers with six toes, a possible homicide, some really good rum, and a snake called ‘Patrick.’

She didn’t realize it when she arrived, but here, she found her life again, as well as forgiveness for a secret she could not share, even with herself, keeping it on a dark closet shelf in the back of her brain.

There is a saying on the island, everyone uses it and finds its way in to almost every conversation. Once you have been there for more than a day, you adopt it as your own mantra-

                        ‘No problem’

Mark Williams proudly presents

the release of his fifth novel