I was asked to write on a topic for Patheos. There was a list of topics and I penned another one which, apparently, they liked-at least to the point where they trusted I was not writing with crayons in my dead mother’s basement. I’m sixty-four so that would have made her, well, dead. There was a list of topics and I picked this one. Sex is always a good seller. I picked Night Panther roll on deodorant by Old Spice because it sounded kinda, well, sexy. It replaced my prior scent, Swagger. That just has a pole dancing feel all wrapped up in its name.

So, I picked this topic. Ride along with me. It might be fun. Wait, let me change that. It will be fun. And I hope a little thoughtful. Because this question is beyond the question asked. It is so much bigger than that simple question. It's about Sin. I gave it a capital letter because it is a big deal.

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                                                                            WAS JESUS A CHRISTIAN?

I heard this question more than once. Was Jesus a Christian or a Jew? maybe more accurately, was he a Christian or a Hebrew? But we want to compare today's terms, since there was no such thing as a Christian in about 33 AD, but there were Hebrews, believers in, at that time, the Torah, let's keep apple comparison with, well, other apples.

We can do the same thing with Martin Luther. Was he a Christian or a Lutheran? I don't think he woke up one day and said, 'Hey, let's start a new religion today. What will we name it? Hmm, I know-after me!"

     Jesus was fully man and fully God. 

Jesus was a man. He was fully God and fully man. Never had anyone come from God or from heaven and experienced what it was like to be a living breathing self on this rock. He came and took my place in line for payment of what I did, we all did. But to do so, he had to live the life of a man. He had to experience pain, laughter, joy, sorrow. I bet he told jokes. He worked with his father as a carpenter. At the estimated age of thirty, he changed course.

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​​​​Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Gosh, I hear this a lot. It is a great question. It is a key question to God, to our faith and one we need to be able to answer, if not just in a general way. The shoulder-shrugging I don't know answer doesn't cut it with most people who are on the fence about their faith and is a main finger-pointing answer to those who do not believe.

"See, even you can't answer that basic question. Why should I believe in something that I see no benefit from?" A very good answer to what seems like a basic question. Kind of like 'why should I get a Kia? I want a Corvette. You say I should be conservative and safe, but why? Oh, and this seat belt thing, why should I use one? It wrinkles my linen pants.' I picked those two cars because I have sat in both and owned one of them.

     So why does He?

So, why does He allow it? He is God. 'You tell me He loves me, and yet my hair is on fire. He could put it out or not allow it all together. Why would anyone follow a god who allows hair to catch on fire? Especially if I am a good man and didn't do anything to deserve it. It's not my fault.'

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