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Mark leaves his Emancipation Series and moves out to the Caribbean.

Homicide Detective, June Hersher, was simply too tired to resist her families pressure for her to go on a ‘vacation.’ The truth was, they needed a vacation from her.

She didn’t want to go to some island no one had heard of in the distant Caribbean, arriving to find herself falling in to a world of pirates, shuttle drivers with six toes, a possible homicide, some really good rum, and a snake called ‘Patrick.’

She didn’t realize it when she arrived, but here, she found her life again, as well as forgiveness for a secret she could not share, even with herself, keeping it on a dark closet shelf in the back of her brain.

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MarkWilliams takes us to St. Lucia in Book Five of his novels causing us to laugh at ourselves as well as seek our own forgiveness.

When you go to the islands, you learn to adopt a term, a term that really means you have found a place where peace, truly lives.

"No problem."